The Heavy Handle Dumbbell is the biggest dumbell innovation since the invention of the dumbbell!There are many new styles of dumbells that have different handles or 'add-a-plate/weight' features, but none that offer the versatility of our new dumbbell system. The perpendicular handles allow athletes to change the angle of resistance to target the muscles of the upper body like never before!! The Heavy Handles are available with 1" ergonomic handles or 2" thick knurled handles for athletes interested in developing extraordinary grip strength.


Develop huge, muscular wrists and forearms with the Heavy Handle Dumbell

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Frequently Asked Questions


Disclaimer: Heavy Sports Inc and any of it's affiliates will not be held liable for any injuries that may occur while using the Heavy Handle Dumbbell or Heavy Grips Handgrippers. By purchasing these items, you agree to use these exercise items in a safe manner and are using them at your own risk and will not hold anyone else liable for any injury that may occur from using these products. USE AT YOUR OWN RISK

The Heavy Handle™ Dumbbell comes with a 1 Year-Limited Manufacturer's Warranty against any type of major manufacturer's defect.

Note: These dumbbells are not meant to be dropped with weight on them. They must always be 'set down' to avoid bending the weight shafts. We will not warrant any dumbbell that has obviously broken from being dropped.

The Heavy Handle™  was  not designed to be used with more than 75lbs and we will not warranty any Heavy Handles that break due to excessive weight being used on the shafts or cable ring.

Our manufacturer has  been experimenting with cutting edge welding techniques (absolutely no weld marks) and there may be slight "heat" marks on the chrome plating of some of the dumbbells which is  not covered by warranty.  This dumbbell was not designed to be a trophy, but a dumbbell to be used in your regular weight-lifting work-outs and we are not offering warranty on blemishes or cosmetic scratches that may have occurred during manufacturing or shipping. The chrome-plated dumbbells can be cleaned of most blemishes by using any type of chrome cleaner or a slightly abrasive cleaning pad.

Heavy Sports Inc. offers warranty against any type of incident such as a broken weight shaft as long as the dumbbell was broken through normal use. We will not warrant against any damage that was caused by using the Heavy Handle™ in an inappropriate manner. For a full list of proper exercises, click here.

If you have a legitimate warranty claim, please contact our USA fulfillment company, Mt. West Communications, and please provide as much information as possible about the defect and your original order. Pictures with a digital-camera will be very helpful in a warranty situation and emailed to the address below.
Please keep your original receipt for warranty purposes.

or send your defective Heavy Handle to:

Heavy Sports Inc
c/o Mt. West Communications
110 E. Hotchkiss Avenue
PO Box 216
Hotckiss, Colorado
Ph: 1-800-241-5919

Fax:  (970)872-3862



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